Shelter & Housing

In fiscal year 2021-2022, LAHR provided permanent housing for 48 families and emergency goods and clothing to 120 families, as well as referrals for emergency services to over 500 individuals.

We all know someone who could have become homeless if not for family and friends. Have you ever helped a family member or friend financially? If you did, then you probably helped them avoid a crisis. The families who come to LAHR are not that fortunate.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles County has reached the position of being the homeless capitol of our nation, with more than 9,000 new people living on the street in 2022 alone. More than 3,000 of these people are battered women with children who became homeless while fleeing from domestic violence. LAHR works closely with DCFS (L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services) and provides an array of crucial services to homeless victims of domestic violence.

During their residency of 3-6 months, we help our clients access comprehensive social services including job training and placement, medical assistance, on-site child care, counseling, and permanent, and affordable housing placement. Our greatest joy is to see our families transformed with renewed hope, courage, and a permanent place to live. 

Transitional Shelter Program

Transitional Shelter — this name reflects the meaning of having a family receive the services needed to assist them in transitioning their lives from desperateness to a solid future full of potential. LAHR’s Transitional Shelter Program provides safe and secure shelter, along with access to comprehensive social services, medical assistance, on-site child care, counseling, legal assistance, and permanent, affordable housing placement.

Permanent Housing Placement

When families are ready to move out on their own, our Case Managers help them to locate, obtain, move into, and maintain safe permanent housing. The SAFE AND SECURE aspect is the most important part of our permanent housing placement. To help maintain this housing, the Case Manager will continue to support and advocate for the family with no end date. We will always continue to support the families we have served. At times there can be landlord tenant issues to resolve, or tenant to tenant issues, or the housing turns out not to be a safe environment for the family. We will assist in finding an alternative location to ensure the success of the family.

Emergency Shelter Services

LAHR’s clients come to us from living in parks or on the streets, in encampments, or other public places; 100% of our service population lives below the federally determined poverty level. We receive 3-7 calls every day for women with children seeking shelter and other supportive services. LAHR’s Emergency Shelter Services provides these homeless families with short-term emergency shelter, meals and case management to place them into proper bridge housing or permanent housing.

If we do not have space for another family in our bridge housing program, LAHR provides referrals to local emergency, homeless, and domestic violence shelters. LAHR provides more than 500 referrals a year for food, shelter, and other crisis services to families we cannot accommodate.