Los Angeles House of Ruth (LAHR) is committed to rebuilding lives through professional management, a hardworking staff, effective programs, and compassion. We offer a safe and secure haven for homeless families – whether they require shelter services or permanent housing.

Over the past 40 years, LAHR has provided shelter and services to more than 5,000 women and children. Many have become homeless due to domestic violence. LAHR’s Trauma Informed programs and services teach our clients independent living skills, and our goal is to assist in the transition to permanent housing as soon as possible.

Setting the Stage for Self-Sufficiency

We support our mission by ensuring the well-being of our clients while they are in our care, helping them to achieve freedom and control over their lives, and providing hope for the future. In order to ensure success after moving into permanent housing, LAHR’s unique After Care Program keeps track of our families and continues to provide support if needed. We have a commitment to never turning a prior client away. Even when they have moved into their own space, there are needs that come up where a strong advocate is needed. We respond with gratitude to be able to continue to assist. This adds to the continued success of our families.

Providing Hope

LAHR recognizes the need for more than just food and a roof over a head. Our wrap around services take the next step and provide on-site assistance in the following areas: mental health counseling, medical health referrals, crisis intervention, life skills training, case management, childcare, nutrition classes, budgeting and money management training, parenting classes as well as other vital support services. Our programs provide the necessary tools for our clients to gain independent living skills, keep their children off the streets, and sustain their families in permanent housing. Most importantly, the entire family is served and can feel safe while in our shelter programs.