Who To Call

Help is out there, BUT those in crisis have to be ready to accept help when it arrives.

Call 911 first and allow the police to assist you!

Calling 911 is the most effective manner to get help. You need to get to safety. Allow the police to assist you in leaving your home; they are there for you and will keep you safe. Accepting the help is the biggest step, but most often is not taken when offered.

Call 211 for a list of available services.

The second step is to call 211 or visit www.211.org — the Coordinated Entry System (CES), the Homeless Crisis Response System for Los Angeles County — to access the services available to you. LAHR works in collaboration with CES which keeps a real-time list of individuals experiencing homelessness in LA County and matches them to providers like LAHR. This is the quickest and most efficient way to connect people to available housing resources and services that best fit their needs. CES has systems that serve Adults, Families with Children, and Youth.