Support Services

LAHR’s programs range from legal assistance to parent advocacy to therapy, making LAHR much more than just a homeless shelter. Our goal is to take mothers and children, who have come to us broken and beaten, and support them until they are physically and emotionally healed.

Mental Health Counseling

LAHR provides onsite individual and group counseling for children and their parents as additional support. Our mental health staff includes therapists who specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, which is successful in assisting the client in changing behaviors. Our child therapists specialize in children’s mental health issues, which the children in our shelters desperately need. When a family has mental health needs beyond our available staffing time, we refer the family to agencies that specialize in mental health treatment. When a family moves on to permanent housing, we assist in securing mental health support close to where they are living

Case Management

Case management provides an individualized service plan of client determined goals (developed by the client with the case manager) like gaining employment, cleaning up poor credit, improving parenting skills, and learning to make a budget; along with required program goals designed to help families attain permanent housing, self-sufficiency, and independence. Our Case Managers work to ensure our client’s long-term well-being by helping them to achieve freedom and control over their lives with hope for the future.

Food & Nutrition Education Program

Another component of our program is our Food and Nutrition Education Program. Without three solid meals, proper nutrition and good health, our families cannot begin to start working on their goals to help them out of poverty’s grasp. This component of our program provides immediate, emergency food to our clients and allows our Case Managers to assess the physical and emotional needs of each family. Staff also helps the families and older children understand nutrition and provides shopping trips, direction for meal planning, budgeting, and cooking classes.

Legal Services

LAHR provides advocacy with restraining orders along with support for families who have open court cases, most of which are with the Department of Children Services. Our Case Managers advocate for the family on all levels as well as attend all court appearances to offer stability and support.