Video Showcasing “Viki’s House” — a Home and Hope for 8 Families

Thanks to the generosity of a woman named Viki, Los Angeles House of Ruth has been able to add a brand new venture to their “community of care.”

Viki’s donation funded the development of a 4-unit building which will provide safe and secure housing for up to eight families. Completely renovated throughout, with all new furnishings and laundry facilities inside and outside, the property has 10 bedrooms, a large meeting space for all residents, and individual apartment “reading nooks” which will be kept supplied with books for all ages.

This new property follows the hallmark of the organization’s program of nurturing. For the previously homeless, a sense of home is an essential element of healing. House of Ruth has a 95% success rate for families who move into permanent housing and stay there.

A foundation has been laid in the backyard of Viki’s House for a multi-space mental health center, but because it will contain offices and no housing, private funds are required to complete the project. If you’d like to help, please consider a donation to LAHR.