Thank You to LAHR’s 2021 Christmas Donors!

WOW! Christmas for children housed at LAHR was made special this year thanks to our generous donors — elves if you will with enormous hearts.

Special recognition goes out to:

  • Avid-Wilson High School
  • Brenda Ortiz
  • Catherine G. Sullivan
  • Leo and Jackie Valente
  • Tristan Jeffers and Jefferson Community College
  • Kaylynne Norwalk and Bella Agency
  • Crystal Ascencio and Fedex
  • Lucia and St. Thomas Church
  • Ruth Keniston and White Memorial Hospital
  • Debra and Global Solutions
  • Jay and Knights of Columbus
  • Olivia Buckle and The Shoe Box Project for Women
  • Bryan Rosales and The Avenue, Hollywood California Apartments